About us

Dear Sirs,


We are a family a manufacture with over 90 years of experience in the production of specialty steel products. Over these years we have executed more than 3,000 products and services for individual purposes, used in various industries (branches: construction, mining, railways, power industry, automotive, furniture, food), under the technical supervision of our engineers.


Our advantages:


- individual approach to the customer,

- quick reaction to reported problems

- in situations of urgency, we undertake the task with due diligence 24/7 in an effort to provide the best service to our customers,

- our products comply with international standards,

- materials used in production have all the required quality certifications and durability approvals

- our team supervises the manufacturing process precisely, taking care of every detail to ensure the highest quality of services,

- safety guarantee for many years of use of our products, even in extreme

technical and weather conditions.


If you find our offer interesting, we are willing to come to the meeting at any time designated at your convenience and we will be honored if you trust us.


Yours sincerely,


Zbigniew  Czernecki

"More than 90 years of experience makes us professional"